Hey Jude

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Hey Jude

U | 02 Feb, 2018 14,316 Votes

2 hrs 26 min | Drama, Musical, Romance


The story centers around two odd ball characters- one is a youngster from Fort Kochi named Jude and the other, a talented singer from Goa named Crystal. When these two characters come together, their lives undergo several changes, leading to love, self-discovery, healing and transformation.

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BMS Reviewer   rated it
Hey Jude: Film Review – Hey Jude Flows Beautifully, Just Like The Beatles Would’ve Wanted
Verdict: Nivin Pauly is a treat and Hey Jude is a delight! Director Shyamaprasad`s third film with Nivin Pauly, Hey Jude is a feel-good movie that makes you think, feel, relate and ride along with Jud...
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sujin   rated it
i like this movie because it is a pure movie with pure plot and the performance are good role of nivin pauly is good i think i like this movie because of the plot...