History of Joy

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History of Joy

U | 24 Nov, 2017 0 Votes

2 hrs 0 min | Drama


History of Joy is a coming-of-age drama that narrates the story of a law student, Joy, and his tryst with destiny. Joy, born into a rich family, lives the life of a hedonist in college. During one of his many night outs with his friends, Joy meets with an unpleasant accident that changes his life forever. The rest of the story revolves around his struggles to put his life back on track while striving to avoid the ghosts of his past.

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Thomas   rated it
worst movie
enthuvada niiyoke manusyante cash kalayano ethoke undaki vechekunne. vere oru paniyum elle. nalla padam atyam kandu padik. ennit director abu. allathe chumma manusyane verupikkan oro vatham sathanam un...