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UA | 24 Jun, 2016

What terrors will the night unfold?

1 hrs 50 min | Horror, Thriller

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This movie is a suspense thriller which takes place on a dark and horror night spent by a girl in a home stay at a hill station. Akshara, is going to a hill station to surprise her fiancee who stays and works there. She arrives at a stay home which is quite far from the city and located in a beautiful and interior place. She is enjoying the evening when suddenly, the owner of the house has to leave due to an emergency and introduces her to an old lady (weird look) who is a maid. This is where the thrilling part of movie begins as unusual events begin to occur. As time goes by, the situations begins to spin out of control. The crucial question of the film is, as the morning arrives, will she be alive or not? What were the extreme situations she faced?