Honey Bee 2.5

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Honey Bee 2.5

U | 18 Aug, 2017 547 Votes

1 hrs 47 min | Comedy, Drama


Vishnu, a young man who aspires to become a movie star, faces many difficulties as ill luck follows him everywhere. He is then advised by Sachi, a director, to meet with the director Thomas George, who possibly could help him. George instructs Vishnu to go on the sets of the movie Honey Bee 2, which has not finalized the casting yet. But, much to Vishnu's disappointment, he is informed that the casting is done already. Not ready to give up on his dreams, Vishnu decides to stay on the set and help the crew as and when needed. This opens a window of opportunity for him to act. However, his chances are yet again eclipsed by a certain situation that force him out of the movie. In the end, his passion for acting and determination win over his ill luck and he is finally a cast as a lead actor in a movie.

The Times of India   rated it
Honey Bee 2.5
Honey Bee 2.5 is a movie about certain events and personalities on the sets of the Jean Paul Lal Asif Ali film Honey Bee 2. The parent movie didnt turn out to be an impressive fair with a weak story l...
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Ashif   rated it
Don't look reviews
Some people commented on film being like Making Video of Honey Bee 2. But this is a very good movie with nice story. Askar has done a fantastic job as it is flawless when u look in to a new comer. Lijo...