Honey Bee 2

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Honey Bee 2

UA | 23 Mar, 2017 8,325 Votes

2 hrs 8 min | Comedy, Thriller


The movie starts off from where Honey Bee ended wherein Sebastian and Angel are being rescued from the sea by their friends and Angel’s brothers. The movie shifts to a new platform when Angel’s brothers decide to get their sister married to Sebastian. As the story moves closer to the wedding, the huge contrast in the cultures of both the families leads to conflict of opinion. The rest of the story unfolds how their friends struggle to unite both the families.

BMS Reviewer   rated it
Honey Bee 2: Film Review – This bee stings!
Verdict - An average flick that is a major let down. The sequel to the much-loved and appreciated film Honey Bee has hit the big screen. The sequel Honey Bee 2 stars the original cast of Asif Ai, Bhava...
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madhav   rated it
bad honey bee2
what a cinema I watch bad worst movie l didn't like this movie yuck no story no comedy bad movie pls don't watch comparing with honey bee1 this is waste movie...