Hrid Majhare

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Hrid Majhare

UA | 20 Jul, 2014 19 Votes

A tribute to the tales of the Bard.

Drama, Romantic


Abhijit (Abir Chatterjee) is a mathematics professor at a reputed Calcutta college. Debjani (Raima Sen) is a cardiologist at the throes of her career. They meet on a night of mist, rain and uncertainty and fall for one another. But their love flows on the undercurrent of a prophecy and Abhijits continuous flux between fate and logic. Gradually one thing leads to the other and Abhijit`s life slowly crumbles around him even as his obsession for Debjani swells over like a hungry tide on the sands of time. Both fatal, both transient.

Set amidst the scenic locales of the Andamans, the story takes unpredicted twists and hair-pin bents to keep us engaged as Abhijit rises and falls riding the waves of a soothsaying. Here, Shubhro (Indrasish Roy) plays a catalyst hurling the protagonists to their destiny.

And then an accident changes their lives forever. The prophecy of impending doom lets hamartia take over.