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U | 07 Jul, 2017 2,393 Votes



‘Hrudayantar’ is an emotional drama that explores the marital crisis of a couple (Shekhar & Samaira) married for over 12 years. They have two beautiful daughters (Nitya and Nysha) who have been the glue to their brittle marriage all these years. Shekhar, a hotelier is a workaholic. With hardly any time to spare for his family, he believes that he can either give his family a luxurious life or spend quality time with them.

Samaira on the other hand is also a working woman but being disciplined task master, manages her responsibilities towards her house, daughters and work with utmost skill. Her life mainly revolves around her daughters.

Nitya, the elder between the two sisters loves to dance. Dancing is not only her passion but it means the world to her. Nysha on the contrary is an athlete in the making. Her love for outdoor sports makes her participate in every sport event at school.

Hrudayanatar is the journey of the family and how through turbulent times the family learns and values relationships…

Hrudayantar is about celebrating life !!!!