Humsey Hai Jahaan

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Humsey Hai Jahaan

U | 06 Jun, 2008

2 hrs 30 min | Drama

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Chancing upon a life as a drifter and a con man, Sameer Khanate (Mashhoor Amrohi) makes his way to Singapore and lands a job working as a `recovery agent` for Gary Rosario (Jackie Shroff), an underground racketeer of night clubs.
Earning his livelihood by masquerading and cheating people of their money, Sameer`s life takes a tumble when his own brother finds himself in need of financial help and his boss-Gary Rosario refuses to help. This leads him to kidnap renowned Gyaneshwar Singh`s daughter, Esha. However, he ends up falling in love with her.
The events that ensue after the kidnapping form the main plot of the film.