I Love Me (Malayalam)

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I Love Me (Malayalam)

U | 21 Dec, 2012

1 hrs 48 min | Thriller

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The underlying theme of `I Love Me` is how Ram Mohan (Anoop Menon) changed the perception of three individuals. Ram Mohan is a business magnet in Bangkok, he acquaints Savio (Unni Mukundan) and Prem (Asif Ali) at Kochi. Savio strongly loves money and lives for it. Prem also dedicates his life to acquire more wealth. The only difference between them is that they use different means to get rich. Ram Mohan very cunningly influences them and thus the three are at Bangkok. At Bangkok they come across a Malayalee girl Samanthika (Isha Talwar). Both Prem and Savio start loving her and it is during this time that they realize certain truths about themselves.