In Custody

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In Custody

U | 07 Dec, 2007

2 hrs 6 min | Comedy, Drama

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``In Custody`` is an excellent movie about disappointment and mortality. Om Puri, with his trademark dour dignity, plays a lover of Urdu. In spite of his love, at a young age he becomes responsible for a wife and then a child due to which he has to take up a job of a teacher to be the breadearner of his family. The poems recited in this movie are magnificent and come from the mouth of a jaded and corpulent old man. The glorious recital of poems by the great poet takes place in a hot, reeking brothel. One realizes that this recital is indeed the poet`s swansong. He has two wives. Neither wife is a very sympathetic companion. When you see Wife No.2 sing a ghazal, you understand how easy it would be to fall in love with the angel-faced harpy. Wife No.1 is a materialistic matron who has a cold eye for reality. Poems, the work of man, transcend man`s own fate against all materialistic mental possessions and seeking. It is a comfort amidst the melancholy.