Isaac Newton Son Of Philipose

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Isaac Newton Son Of Philipose

- | 11 Jan, 2013


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`Issac Newton Son of Philipose` narrates the story of the relationship between a father and a son. As expected by every parent, Moorikottukaran Philipose (Nedumudi Venu) and Sara too had their own colorful dreams when a son was born to them. Philipose who had great hopes and confidence about the future of his son and named him after the great scientist Isaac Newton. As a young man, Newton (Lal) overcame all the hurdles in life. But at one crucial point he was taken aback. At this juncture, Annie (Abhinaya) came to help him as a loyal supporter. Annie is Philipose`s friend, Kochausep`s daughter.. Annie plays a nursery school teacher. Will Isaac Newton be able to cross the last hurdle with Annie`s help?