Ishq Wala Love

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Ishq Wala Love

U | 10 Oct, 2014

Never lose your love!

1 hrs 58 min | Comedy, Romantic

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It is true that you don`t realize what you had until you lose it and what you were missing until it arrives.
Ovi, 26 years is a happy-go-lucky girl, who works in a bank as an auditor. She believes in the law of impermanence and living life in the moment. She is the youngest in her joint family; father is a renowned brain surgeon and mother is a homemaker and a loving friend-like elder sister.

Ajinkya, 27 years works in a corporate law firm at a senior position, is a single child to his parents who divorced at his very early age, is always seeking for love of a family. Ajinkya always wanted a family and a stable lifestyle and that is the reason he chooses to be a law firm executive. His second passion is music though he is good at it he doesn`t peruse it as a profession as he never wanted to be an urban hippie.

They fall in love at first sight and feel that they are soul mates. Ajinkya always wanted a family, as his mother left him with his dad when he was 10 and since then he has wanted to get married and start his own family. They go to Mauritius for their friends wedding and at the wedding Ajinkya proposes to Ovi. Although Ovi loves Ajinkya she refuses to get married, feeling marriage will put a full stop to their love story and she will lose him. The film talks about marriage, falling in love, heart breaks and the importance of family.