Iti Mrinalini (Hindi)

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Iti Mrinalini (Hindi)

- | 29 Jul, 2011

2 hrs 11 min | Drama

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Mrinalini, an ageing actress, writes a suicide note. As a performer, the first lesson she had learnt was timing - the perfect moment for making an entrance or an exit on stage. However, before taking the pills that will put her to sleep forever, she decides to destroy all her memorabilia lest they fall into the hands of the press. As she looks through the old box that contains relics from her past, memories flood the night. As night gradually turns to dawn, an azaan starts up somewhere. Slowly early morning light fills the room. The moment has passed and the death she had wished for so intensely no longer seems a priority. Mrinalini smiles, tears up the suicide note and takes her dog out for a walk. A new day starts. A new life awaits her. A new beginning she has chosen