Its Breaking News

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Its Breaking News

UA | 05 Oct, 2007

1 hrs 54 min | Comedy

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Fresh out of a journalism college and raring to go, Vidya (Koel Purie) joins a TV channel as an entertainment correspondent. She soon gets addicted to the thrill of chasing crime stories. Her brilliant story from Rajasthan increases the TRP ratings of the channel and does her morale a load of good. But while gathering news about Sangeeta (Swati Sen), a victim of repeated sexual abuses by the local police, Vidya is totally disillusioned with the idea of 'Breaking News'. Bugged with the whole system, she sets out to bring justice to Sangeeta, with the help of her friends Bala (a crime correspondent in rival channel), Rafiq (the cameraman) and Trishna (her batch mate in journalism course).