Ivan Maryadharaman

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Ivan Maryadharaman

U | 04 Apr, 2015 256 Votes

2 hrs 45 min | Action, Comedy, Romantic, Thriller


This is the official remake of the Telugu hit - Maryada Ramanna. It is the storry of a man who returns to his village to claim his ancestral land. Along the way, he meets and befriends a charming young woman. Her family welcome him, before realizing he is a descendant of their sworn enemy from a long-standing family feud. The family`s strict rules of hospitality require them to treat him well while he remains under their roof, but they plan to kill him the moment he steps out of their door.

Filmibeat   rated it
Ivan Maryadharaman
Ramu (Dileep) is a young man who works in Pune. His closest companion is his bicycle. Later, he decides to buy a mini career for his professional purpose and leaves to hi hometown, with an intention to...
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Vignesh   rated it
Ivan Maryadharaman
what a disaster. Dileep no longer belong to film industry. He must stop doing cinemas for the sake of wellbeing of cinema. He is no longer "Janapriya nayakan"...