Jaatishwar (Bengali)

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Jaatishwar (Bengali)

U | 17 Jan, 2014 118 Votes

Retelling the history of a Bengali language folk poet of Portuguese origin.

2 hrs 30 min | Biography, Drama, Romantic

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Jaatishwar is the story of Rohit, a Gujarati born and brought up in Bengal, who falls in love with a woman who is Bengali with a vengeance. She is obsessed with the Bengali language, hates using English words, loves Bengali poetry, songs and believes in the intellectual superiority of the race. Naturally, she rejects his proposal and challenges him to write, compose and sing a perfect Bengali song for her.
After this, their paths diverge. Mahamaya becomes a RJ who works for a radio station which eventually is entrusted the responsibility of organizing a rock concert involving bands from India and Bangladesh. Rohit meanwhile goes to Portugal to study Colonial history, and decides to do it on Heynesman Antony, a Portuguese who was born in 19th Century Bengal and went onto become of the leading minstrels of that time.
In his fieldwork, he meets a mysterious man, Kushawl Hajra in Chandannagore, who claims to be Antony`s reincarnation. Rohit starts recording his narrative of his past life as Antony for his dissertation. From here we see a journey of two men separated by one and a half century - both learning an alien language and going on to write songs in that overcoming all odds. How Rohit woos Mahamaya with the perfect Bengali song, and how Kushawl deals with his psychological disorder forms the rest of the story.