James and Alice

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James and Alice

U | 05 May, 2016 1,693 Votes

Does this fairy tale romance end with a happily every after?

2 hrs 46 min | Drama, Romantic


James a vagabond at heart and Alice, the studious daughter of a wealthy estate owner fall madly in love. When the couple decides to start a life together, little do they know that a day would come when they would both have to re-think their relationship.

As they come to terms with their new reality, will their love for each be enough to fight back? Watch this engaging romantic film to find out.

Galaxy Reporter   rated it
James and Alice
James and Alice is a complete family drama movie. In the movie Prithviraj Sukumaran plays the role of James and Vedhika plays the role of Alice. Vedhika (Alice) is the daughter of a wealthy estate owne...
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Anoop   rated it
reallyy nice
perfect story line. awesum. well done sujith vasudev the cast really rocked. really awesum performance. a movie that make us think. conscience...