Jana Gana Mana

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Jana Gana Mana

U | 26 Jan, 2012

1 hrs 49 min | Comedy, Drama

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The Phasse Pardhis are branded criminals- going to any level for survival!Katu, and his sister Babli, (both kids from a Phasse Pardhi Tribe) accidentally end up in school and become regulars once they get to know that a mid-day meal is served free.
Ramchandra Sontakke, a dedicated member of Teaching Staff in one such school is a Romantic- He wants to create a nation of educated kids but is entrusted to a school with just a handful of kids who attend solely for the meal. He is desperate to get transferred to a better school where he can also stay with his family!
In his journey to get transferred, he takes the kids along and tries to counter the vicious and corrupt system with his innocent ways and is confronted with the stark realities of life. But in all this, the bond between the teacher and the kids reaches a summit. A journey called Jana Gana Mana!