JC Daniel

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JC Daniel

U | 27 Dec, 2013

Portraying the life of a visionary.

2 hrs 10 min | Biography, Drama

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JC Daniel is the dubbed version of Malayalam film Celluloid. It tells the tale of J C Daniel (Prithviraj) and his love for cinema. He goes to great lengths to get the equipment required to make a movie, writing numerous letters, visiting places and meeting Dada Saheb Phalke - the man who brought cinema to India.
One of the toughest tasks was getting a female artiste to act in the movie. It is decided that Rosamma, rechristened later as Rosie (Chandini), will essay the lead role in the revolutionary `motion picture` venture, Vigathakumaran, the story of which JC Daniel himself conceived. He sells everything to make his dream a reality, further borrowing money to meet the expenses.
When finally Vigathakumaran is screened at Capitol Theatre, a `cinemapura`, the upper caste members of the audience creates a ruckus over a lower caste girl acting as a Nair lady. Rosie, hunted by the Madambis leaves town never to be seen again.
Years later, the shriveled, poverty ridden Daniel, with only his wife Janet (Mamta Mohandas) by his side, is leading a life far removed from what he had envisaged.