Jee Lene Do Ek Pal

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Jee Lene Do Ek Pal

UA | 01 Jan, 2016

2 hrs 24 min | Drama

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This story revolves around a man named Nayak, who loves his wife a lot. He lives in a backward village, away from basic luxuries. One fine day he gets the chance to go to the city so he plans on buying a few things for her. He stays overnight at his friend`s place who is actually a woman supplier. That night comes a call girl (infected with AIDS) who attempts to infect Nayak`s friend but fails since he is aware of her plans. While leaving the next day, Nayak gets involved into a physical act due to aggression. When he finds out that he is carrying the infection, his life turns upside down. He begs for his wife`s forgiveness, who eventually forgives him. By the time he passes away, Nayak`s friend takes care of his family from that moment on.