Jenda Pai Kapiraju

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Jenda Pai Kapiraju

UA | 21 Mar, 2015 285 Votes

2 hrs 30 min | Action, Drama


The film revolves around a college graduate who turns into a revolutionary for a social cause. The film takes an interesting turn when the lead comes face to face with his body double. The rest of the story is whether the lead manages to change disorderly society or not.

Filmibeat   rated it
Jenda Pai Kapiraju
Nani is a IT professional, who is a principled guy. In the process of following all the rules of the land, he rubs many in a wrong way and ends up in a big trouble. It is a story of a guy seeking vigil...
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Kss   rated it
Jenda Pai Kapiraju
The movie was really good.... Nani action was wonderful... First half of the movie makes fall deeply involved in to it.... Second half is a bit slow but overall movies amazing...