Jeyam Kondaan

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Jeyam Kondaan

U | 29 Aug, 2008


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Mani Ratnam`s Jayam Kondaan boasts good cinematography and worthy music score. Directed by R. Kannan, the movie features Vinay, Bhavana and a very convincing Lekha Washington. The movie revolves around a London-returned Vinay, who plans to start a business with the money he has sent his father. In the course of time he finds out that the money isn`t there, instead his father has another family, with a twenty something daughter. Rivalry among the two families ensues and property squabbles become the norm. Vinay meets Bhavana and the two hit it off instantly. The plot thickens with the entry of a gangster and his lover. Watch if and how the siblings mend their ways and if dreams get fulfilled.