Johnny Gaddaar

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Johnny Gaddaar

A | 28 Sep, 2007

2 hrs 20 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

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The story revolves around a gang of five men, the eldest (Dharmendra) over 60, the youngest (Neil) in his twenties, who face the bright prospect of making a fortune through what seems to be a simple exchange of contraband for money on a train.
However, this goes badly wrong with one of the gang members being killed before he can make the exchange and the money he was holding disappearing. Then follows a ruthless search for the thief and killer who must be a traitor amongst them for who else could have known about the heist?
Not a typical whodunit in the literal sense of the word, Johnny Gaddaar is an interesting mix of greed, betrayal, corruption, love, desperation and murder.