Joru (Telugu)

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Joru (Telugu)

A | 07 Nov, 2014 125 Votes

2 hrs 20 min | Comedy, Romantic

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Annapurna alias Anu arrives in India after studying abroad. She comes after 16 years to meet her father Sadashivam who was a three time MLA in Vishakhapatnam. Due to a flight delay, Anu takes a cab from Hyderabad to reach Visakhapatnam. During her travel in the cab, Ajay tries to kill Anu.

Sundeep saves her from Ajay and falls in love with her. Later, they fall apart due to circumstances. Sandeep, in search of Anu come across different girls with the same name. Who is Ajay? Why did Ajay try to kill Anu? Does Sandeep find Anu?