Journey Bombay To Goa

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Journey Bombay To Goa

UA | 13 Jul, 2007

2 hrs 20 min | Comedy


Journey Bombay to Goa is the story of two guys, Lal (Sunil Pal) and Das (Vijay Raaz).On one hand is Lal, ambitious, a dreamer who wants to make it big. And on the other hand is Das, an arrogant guy who is also a loudmouth. Lal dreams of starting his own business, whereas Das was a driver with Best, but left his job after getting irritated with his boss.When Lal wins Rs.2 lakhs, the duo decide to setup a business. Then, Das comes up with the idea of setting up a travel agency, but the money isn't enough. So they go to Chor Bazar and decide to make a bus of their own with spare parts of old cars and imported cars. They promise passengers a palace on wheels and best bus service ever, but when the passengers see the bus, they realize it is a madhouse and demand their money back.How Lal and Das get passengers and make their journey concludes this comedy.