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- | 18 Mar, 1975

Drama, Romantic

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The movie depicts the prejudice against inter-caste marriage and unwed motherhood in India. Julie(Laxmi), an anglo-Indian christian, falls in love with her best friend's brother (Vikram), a Hindu. While his parents are away, the two lovers give into a weak moment of intimacy, leaving Julie pregnant. Vikram knows nothing about her condition, and leaves for college, promising to marry her once he gets done with his education. When Julie's conservative mother comes to know of her pregnancy, she considers abortion but later. eliminates the option. She then sends Julie away to her Uncle's place for 9 months, telling everyone at home that Julie got a job. Post delivery, Julie's son is put in an orphanage by Julie's mother and she asks Julie to forget all about the baby. By now, Julie's father is dead, and she has become the bread earner of the family, Soon, Vikram comes back and hears all about Julie's condition from her. He asks her to marry him, but the mothers disagree. His father then explains to the mothers how frivolous the prejudices they hold are, and the movie ends on a joyful note.