Just Aakasmika

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Just Aakasmika

U | 16 Sep, 2016

Nobody believes a liar, even when he is telling the truth.

2 hrs 11 min | Drama, Thriller

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After being 'adopted' by his ageing parents, Shankar`s new home in a mixed neighbourhood introduces him to a colourful world. Things unravel for Shankar as he gets in to an altercation with a
local street gang. In order to avoid them, he decides to find secluded ways to enter and exit his home.
White escaping the gang one evening, he coincidentally notices, what appears to him to be a
post-murder clean up. To figure out if what he saw was real or was it just his imagination playing
games with him, Shankar becomes the new obsessive `Peeping-Tom` of the neighbourhood putting him and his family into a game of life and death.