Just Math Mathalli

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Just Math Mathalli

U | 29 Jan, 2010

2 hrs 20 min | Romantic

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This is the story of Siddharth (Sudeep) who is going to Singapore to find his love, Tanu (Ramya). On the flight, he meets Adi (Rajesh) who is scriptwriter. On hearing his reason to go to Singapore, Adi is amused and asks him to tell his story.
And then the movie goes into a flashback, and then Adi tells his love story and why he rejected Tanu`s proposal.
When both reach Singapore, Adi invites him to his wedding. There, Siddharth is shocked to see Tanu as the bride.
Whether he goes and confesses his love to her or Tanu and Adi get married, forms the crux of the story.