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A | 12 Jan, 2018 7,555 Votes

1 hrs 52 min | Comedy, Thriller


This is a story where fates intertwine, destinies bump into each other, chaotic ironies result and in the end - order is restored by a beautiful stroke of poetic justice. The story plays out in 12 hours, with six characters from different worlds, from urban, ambitious upwardly mobile Bombay and its dark, neglected under-belly.

In this dark, funny tale, the lives of complete strangers intersect for a few frantic moments and lead to consequences not improbable but extraordinary.

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BMS Reviewer   rated it
Kaalakaandi: Film Review – A Night to Remember
Verdict: A colorful dark comedy that offers more than sex, booze and dope. Seven years ago, Bollywood film Delhi Belly changed the face of Indian cinema. It was one of the most talked about films of th...
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bee   rated it
experimental, absurd n adult film
#Kaalakaandi is an experimental, absurd n adult film, which keeps u engaged n entertained. There r multiple stories occurring in one night. Khan is diagnosed with cancer. He is shocked because he belie...
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