Kaccha Limboo

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Kaccha Limboo

U | 18 Feb, 2011

Children, Comedy, Family

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Shambhu is a 13 year-old teenager caught in a transitional, adolescent phase. Never quite armed with confidence like his more affluent friends, Shambhu falters consistently and invariably finds himself a loser at almost all crucial moments. Pushed into a world of peer pressure, responsibilities and adjustments, Shambhu just wants to be happy and realizes that the only way to do so is to run away from home. On his journey of self-realization and discovery, he bumps into Vitthal, an extremely smart kid. In Vitthal, Shambhu discovers an alter-ego, the sort of individual that he always desired to be. Shambhu is mesmerized by this new world he encounters with Vitthal. But destiny has its own way and this Kaccha Limboo finally rolls out having come of age after a life-changing journey!

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