Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

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Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

U | 15 Feb, 2000 244 Votes

2 hrs 45 min | Action, Romantic


This Bollywood romantic action film is the love story of Sonia and Rohit, who initially couldn`t stand each other. They accidentally get abandoned on an island and eventually begin to appreciate each other. Butcircumstances take a turn and Rohit dies in an accident. Sonia cannot stand the grief of his death, and moves to New Zealand, where she comes across Rohit`s doppelganger Raj Chopra. Since his resemblance to Rohit bothers her even more, Sonia decides to go back to India, and Raj follows her.
But the moment they reach India, Raj is fired upon by a policemen. Both of them realize that confusing him for Rohit, Raj is being attacked; which also indicated that Rohit was murdered. Events take a new turn when Raj agrees on helping Sonia to find out the reality about Rohit`s death.