Kala Shah Kala

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Kala Shah Kala

U | 14 Feb, 2019 4,479 Votes

2 hrs 20 min | Comedy, Romantic

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Lovely aka Naag (Binnu Dhillon), a happy go lucky & charming guy, struggles to find the love of his life because of his dark complexion. Pammi (Sargun Mehta) is everything he dreamt of, and for a while, it sure seems like a match made in heaven, but Alas! Lovely will have to prove yet again that it`s not the color of the skin that matters but the heart.

BMS Reviewer   rated it
Kala Shah Kala: Film Review - When in Love, Color Doesn’t Matter
Verdict: Sargun Mehta shines in a film that shouldve belonged to Binnu Dhillon. One of the most awaited films of 2019, the Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta and Jordan Sandhu starrer Kala Shah Kala is out. B...