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U | 11 May, 2012

2 hrs 30 min | Action, Comedy

Applicable Offers


Masala Cafe, the ancestral property of brothers Cheenu and Raghu, is in turmoil. While Raghu is in prison, Cheenu falls for the health inspector, Madhavi, who threatened to shut down the cafe for safety reasons. But the cafe is restored to its former glory, when Raghu gets out of prison and both the brothers work towards making the place better. Raghu falls for the chef's daughter, Shalini. Everything seems fine, but then comes the rogue Inspector, Dharmaraj who cheats Raghu and takes the cafe from him. Cheenu is away trying to stop Madhavi's marriage to her uncle, Vettupuli. The two brothers join hands once again to restore the cafe to its rightful owners.

And then there's Manickam, who is trying to hide diamonds worth 10 crore.