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UA | 25 Apr, 2008

2 hrs 0 min | Drama

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A man struggles to come to terms with the memory of his powerful father, which prompts a plunge into long-hidden secrets. Rahul Bose plays Sumanta, a shy Kolkata office clerk struggling to come to terms with his father. The force of this paternal presence often launches Sumanta into memories of his childhood, when the family lived in an idyllic setting by the sea, but his father had a mistress then, which set storms raging at home. As an adult, Sumanta also finds himself dissatisfied at home. His wife, Supriya, is a grasping member of the middle class who seeks success for herself in a new career as an author. Much to Sumanta's dismay, his wife scores great success with her new book. Later, she wins entry into the ''Guinness Book of World Records'' for writing the most words about America by a Bengali author.