Kaly (Malayalam)

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Kaly (Malayalam)

U | 09 Feb, 2018 3,305 Votes

2 hrs 42 min | Comedy, Drama


Sameer, Bejoy, Aneesh, Shanu, Paul and Abu are the best of friends. They all wanted to dress up in branded outfits and look stylish in all manner. As they hail from a middle-class family, seldom do they afford the luxury brands. The hankering for luxury brands led them to steal dresses, shoes, and accessories. The turn of events starts when they broke into a villa and get stuck inside. How does this incident change the lives of these 6 friends and inmates of the villa is what the film is about.

Lensmen Review   rated it
Kaly (Malayalam)
Kaly, the new thriller directed by Najeem Koya is a movie that looks exciting at many places. The second half is the key area of this movie and in that part the movie does manage to keep us speculating...
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Anand   rated it
Movie missing a good storyline. And unnecessarily it is long. songs are awesome. Trying to create comedy which didn't worked out. Action sequences are good...