Kammara Sambhavam

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Kammara Sambhavam

U | 14 Apr, 2018 14,656 Votes

3 hrs 2 min | Action, Drama, Period


Set against the backdrop of World War 2, the film spans over three different phases of the life of the protagonist Kammaran who gets inspired by freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose and joins INA to secure Indian independence from British rule.

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BMS Reviewer   rated it
Kammara Sambhavam: Film Review – A Blend of History, Cinema, and Politics
Verdict: Dileep`s Vishu release features amazing moments and visuals. Kammara Sambhavam, Dileep`s magnum opus is a combination of a lot of things - history, fiction, cinema, politics and satire. Writte...
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world class movie