Karma Cartel

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Karma Cartel

U | 07 Aug, 2015 26 Votes

When one goes missing, many start sweating!

1 hrs 46 min | Drama, Thriller


Set in the urban city of South India, Kochi, this International award winning and tightly narrated plot of greed, deceit and revenge, is produced using Avant Garde methods of film-making namely Dogme95. Filmed in a docu-fiction style, the film follows an investigation about a missing actor and several other lives connected to the reasons behind his disappearance, revealing a network of greed and bad choices.

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Karma Cartel
Karma Cartel begins from a reporter who is in search of a missing actor named Sidh played by Vinay Fort. This search lead to some incidents and bring some other people into the picture who are directly...