Karutha Joodhan

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Karutha Joodhan

U | 18 Aug, 2017 460 Votes

2 hrs 0 min | Drama


Aaron Eliyahu, a Jewish man, travels to a small village called Mala, Kerala in search of his Jewish heritage. On his journey, he befriends a Muslim man named Beerankunj. Unfortunately, Aaron meets with a fatal motor accident that lands him in a state of coma in a hermitage somewhere in North India. By the time he reaches Mala, he sees that his house has been converted into a post office and learns that his mother, Veronica, entrusted all her property with the panchayat before leaving for Israel. Unable to prove his own identity, Aaron is denied the rights to his own house. Since he is unable to provide any concrete evidence in the court of law, Aaron is thrown into the streets with only his true friend Beerankunj by his side. Karutha Joodhan reveals the unexpected happenings passing through the three generations of Aaron and Beerankunj.

Fullpicture   rated it
Karutha Joodhan
Actor and director Salim Kumar recently said in an interview that he intended his new film Karutha Joothan, his second directorial effort since 2015s Compartment, as a sort of awareness film to remind ...
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Joseph   rated it
Karutha Joodhan
Please try to watch it in theatres. Salim Kumar's performance was so great. Second half of the movie is my favourite part. This may not be a masala or big budget movie. But it has a epic story. 😘 A ...