Kavi Udeshichathu?

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Kavi Udeshichathu?

U | 08 Oct, 2016 1,923 Votes

A comedy based in Allimoola village.

2 hrs 17 min | Comedy, Drama


The plot revolve around a group of volleyball passionate youngster from the fictitious village, Allimoola. This comedy movie revolves around an unusual bet that Jimmy (Asif Ali) and Bosco (Narain) place for love. Simon (Biju Menon) is brought as Jimmy's volleyball coach to help his team defeat Bosco's. This bet brings the entire village together which also includes Glady's (Lena), Jasmine and Lillykutty.

Times of India   rated it
Kavi Udeshichathu?
There is no harm in giving the film a try if you are one of those patient, any-film-works-for-me viewers....
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Krishna   rated it
Kavi Udeshichathu?
Somehow moulded a stroy by stiching comedies from here there . If anybody want to spend time inside the movie hall then ok, don't go to watch this movie ....