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A | 22 Jul, 2016 907 Votes

A tale of love, lust and betrayal.

2 hrs 12 min | Romantic, Thriller

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In this romantic thriller, a young couple Rishav and Sohag, meet a mysterious man on an idyllic vacation in a seaside resort at Koelphuli. Though Rishav chooses to ignore him, Sohag`s curiosity the gets the better of her. She follows him to his secluded cottage. Eventually, this man invites Rishav and Sohag at his place and an interesting discussion follows which ranges on different topics, from Japanese cuisines to Bengali literary works.

Soon, to their great amazement, Rishav and Sohag discover that this stranger is none other than Nirbed Lahiri, a prolific author of the bygone era, who had absconded some twenty years back for no apparent reason. However, upon their insistence, Nirbed Lahiri starts revealing his life leading him back to his gory past, where redemption awaits.