Khel Khiladi Ka

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Khel Khiladi Ka

- | 26 Sep, 2008


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The story revolves around Ajit (Dharmendra), whose life is all about revenge. He has seen the whole of his family either being killed or suffering to death in front of his eyes. His principal aim in life is the avenge the suffering and death of his father, sister and brother from Sangram Singh, Dharamdas and Nandan. He starts of by killing Nandan and flees to Bombay. He enters the crime world with the help of Mohan and soon becomes a popular don known as Rajasaab. One day, when his car breaks down, a young boy offers to fix it. He realizes that this young boy has the same tattoo as his younger brother who as thrown into the river years ago by the three diabolic criminals. On meeting his yonger brother, he is overjoyed, but what he doesn`t know is that this boy is Sangram Singh`s son who is here with a mission!