Khirki Theke Singhadwar

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Khirki Theke Singhadwar

UA | 15 Sep, 2017

2 hrs 12 min | Drama

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Rai, who is married and lives with her father, wants to start her own dance school but her father forces her to take up a job in his office. She goes ahead and establishes her dance school anyway. However, after her father's death, the condition of her school begins to deteriorate, with her husband not being to help her in any way. Not having any choices left, Rai takes up the job at her father's office, much to the dismay of her husband, following which the two mutually decide to part ways.

Upon joining work, Rai's boss begins to like her and is hell-bent on marrying her. One day, he visits Rai at her place and proposes marriage to her. When she turns him down, he tries to force her when Rai hits him with a flower vase in her defense, resulting in his death. Following his death, Rai and her husband find themselves in jail. Will they be able to prove their innocence?