Khosla Ka Ghosla

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Khosla Ka Ghosla

U | 22 Sep, 2006

A Delhi-Based Retired Middle Class Man Tries To Get His Land Back From A Swindling Property Dealer With The Help Of His Sons And Their Friends.

2 hrs 15 min | Comedy, Drama

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The dream of every middle-class man is to own a house. K.K Khosla is no different. On his retirement, he invests his entire life`s earnings in a piece of land to build his dream house. Only to be cheated by a corrupt, greedy Khurana, who usurps the land that belongs to Khosla. ``Khosla Ka Ghosla`` is a sweet black comedy in the life of a dysfunctional Indian family. The plot unfolds with them joining hands to pull of a scam on the biggest goon in the property business.