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- | 14 Oct, 2011

2 hrs 15 min | Drama


You could be the ``King of Bollywood``, ``The richest man of India``, Or a ``Leader of Technoworld``. But if your heart is not at the right place with your relationships, do you think you can feel the ``Complete KHUSHIYAAN``?
Raj is an extremely successful and highly driven architect living in New York City with his wife Juhi (a head hunter) and his son Neal, 6. Raj has sacrificed many things to fulfill his career ambitions in New York City. But he is haunted by a lingering feeling that he must return to his small village in Punjab to make peace with his aging father whom he greatly admires.
Will he make peace...?
What journey he will go through...?
What will he, or the whole family will discover...?
It is a journey of a may be surprised to find yourself there.
You are invited........