Kiran Bedi

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Kiran Bedi

- | 27 Mar, 2009

Action, Drama

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Malashri as police officer Kiran Bedi takes on dons like Bhoopathi (Ashish Vidyarthi), his son Vicky, aides Mobile Naga (Rangayana Raghu), Rowdy Naga (Kote), Muni and D`Souza. Kiran Bedi`s swiftness and intelligence stun the dons who wait for a chance to kill her after she kills Bhoopathi`s son.
She is finally vanquished by the dons. Kiran Bedi`s father Venkatappa (Srinivasamurthy), also a constable, finds Bellary Bhagyalakshmi (Malashri), a notorious thief resembling Kiran Bedi and asks her to don his daughter`s role to punish the dons. She accepts the challenge.