Kishore Kumar Junior

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Kishore Kumar Junior

U | 12 Oct, 2018 7,714 Votes

2 hrs 25 min | Drama

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Version singers. They are the ones that sing covers of the most celebrated singers at stage shows all over the suburban and rural areas of the land. Kishore Kumar Junior is a popular version singer who sings Kishore Kumar's songs in Bengal for a living and for the passion of music. His only credit as an artist, his voice impersonates the great Kishore Kumar's. But one day, when the Indian government invites him and his team to perform in a peace concert at the Indo-Pak border, a new musical journey begins. Though soon enough amidst the dire terrains of the border the singer and his team are nowhere to be spotted. Can music, their only superpower, fight all odds and bring these artists back home? Kishore kumar Junior celebrates the lives of version artists who bring joy to the core mass of the country!

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