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UA | 14 Jun, 2019 715 Votes

2 hrs 3 min | Action, Drama

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Kissebaaz is a Bollywood drama that revolves around the protagonist Harsh (Rahul Bagga), a young man from a small town who unwittingly becomes the victim of a plot much bigger than him. Everybody seems to be talking about a mysterious character known as Ram Lal, and nobody knows which side the narrator Chuttan Shukla (Pankaj Tripathi) is on. Will Harsh be able to find his way out of this mess?

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Akash   rated it
low quality on all counts.
Poor cinematography, very poor cast, hopeless direction. The first 30 secs. itself will give you a strong B-grade feel to the movie. Complete let down given that I blindly chose to watch it as it was s...
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