KL 10 Patthu

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KL 10 Patthu

U | 17 Jul, 2015 243 Votes

Too many incidents, one crazy place!

2 hrs 11 min | Comedy, Drama, Romantic

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The story of `KL 10 Pathu` basically revolves around too many incidents like a Panchayath Election, a local football tournament final, and an eloping of the hero and heroine. What makes things all the more complicated is the repercussion of the eloping which eventually affects the results of the football tournament and the election result. Because the hero is the son of the candidate in the panchayath election and a player of the football team which plays in the final.
The story is set in the landscape of malappuram, flavoring the peculiar aspects of the region like the local dialect, food craze, life style and football fanaticism. In addition, both the hero and heroine are from extreme backgrounds and they hardly have anything in common.
Although this aspect triggers constant disagreement between them, the unique aspects that unite them puts the entire film into a different level.