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U | 04 Nov, 2016 375 Votes

2 hrs 1 min | Drama


The movie begins with a glimpse in the life of Unni and his friends, where they enjoy their serene village life. The locale boasts of open paddy fields, coconut plantations, sacred groves and takes the viewer to the good old bygone era where things were still simpler. Unni is the apple of his mother's eyes (played by Devi Ajith).
After having a great summer vacation, Unni and his friends move to the 6th grade after the new academic year begins. Unni loves his school life mainly because of his crush Riya (played onscreen by Meenakshi). Unni feels threatened by the newcomer in his class - Roney (played by new comer Master Naaif), who happens to be talented in various disciplines of art. Soon they lock horns and are in competition.

The Week   rated it
Everyone is entitled to his own nostalgia, wrote James Wolcott, the Vanity Fair critic. So am I. Dappa kali (Pitta garam or seven stones game) makes me nostalgic. So do cricket bats carved out of a bra...
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James   rated it
Kolumittayi (U)
though there were small excusable flaws in the making, it's a really good movie and loved the songs too. The jokes and timing of the children were good. Amit Chakkalakkal, Saiju Kurup and Rony did a gr...