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UA | 08 Jun, 2018 111 Votes

2 hrs 10 min | Drama, Thriller


A certain tribe living in a forest is subject to atrocities imposed by their cruel chief Chitra, however, no one dares to speak against him. Tired of his cruelty, an old woman, Mangla raises her voice against him but is sentenced to death by him. A few days later, a couple gives birth to a boy and names him Krina. Krina grows up to become a brave boy, who goes onto liberate the tribe from Chitra.

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bee   rated it
lot of guts n stupidity
It requires a lot of guts n stupidity to make an obsolete film like #Krina in todays times. Hats off to the makers for attempting something like this. The hero, #ParthSinghChauhan, is a 15 year old chu...